For Sale

Bhelupura - Javahanagar

Main Road - 4,000 sqft, Double Story House, Available for both Commercial and Residential. Rupees 14,000/Sqft. Total Price Rupees: 4,80,00,000.


Durgakund - Kabir Nagar Main Road

Corner House, 1 story - 6,000 Sqft. Rupees 13,000/Sqft. Commercial or Residential. Total price Rupees: 7,80,00,000.


Bhelupura Vijay Nagar Colony

3,200 Sqft. Plot. Beautiful and private colony with a private park across the street. Rupees 10,000/Sqft. Total Price Rupees: 3,20,00,000


Mahamoorgang - Sigra

2080 Sqft House. 1 floor house. Rupees 8,000/Sqft. Total House Price: Rupees 1,65,00,000.